home auto

Home automation system is designed to give any property owner, improved economy right from the start. A property owner can derive a better increase from rental income, offer more attractive apartments that would be beneficial to the property owner as well as the homeowner. A home, apart from being a reflection of a lifestyle, should be an energy efficient sanctuary offering safety and protection as well as comfort.

ALPHA MEAD SECURITY SYSTEMS makes it possible to have complete control and unequalled convenience. By simply connecting all home entertainment range with a smart range of electrical switches and wall stations or remote controls, at the press of one button the living room can instantly be turned into a film theatre, complete with surround sound and authentic cinema lighting.

We use the CLIPSAL CBUS technology by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC to create smart Homes, providing an enhanced lifestyle of entertainment, convenience, comfort and security. We also undertake the installation of lighting control and energy saving benefits provided by Clipsal c-bus in commercial buildings, utilizing technologies such as occupancy detectors, ambient light sensors, temperature control and variable lighting levels